Loan Consultant ID 103242

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Please complete the form in its entirety with detailed information.

Please provide the following document in .csv or xcel format.

  • Payroll Journal
  • W4 (if they're using 2019 W4 it will be a number 0 to 9 typically, if they're using 2020 W4 it will be a dollar amount such as $2,500. We need to know which W4 version they're using)
  • If they're using 2020 W4, is the box in Step 2C checked?

The above document need to show the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • Work State
  • Gross Annual Salary
  • Pay Frequency
  • Federal W4 Marital Status
  • Federal W4 Dependent Status
  • State W4 Marital Status
  • State W4 Dependent Status
  • Monthly Health Pre-Tax Deductions
  • Any other monthly pre or post-tax deductions
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